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Websites development

Technical competence

  • Templates and UI (less, CSS3, XHTML)
  • .NET, PHP and ruby
  • Custom extensions for Joomla

SEO (search engine optimization)

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While developing new web solutions we make sure that all necessary SEO rules are followed to ensure that web page will have a high place in search engine results.

If you are looking a web solution for your business you have probably noticed that all service providers say that they create a very good SEO for home pages but only a few talk about what it really means and how much of extra work is needed.

Web page elements must fit together, have the right structure and meet certain standards (especially Google standards) to reach good place in search engines. Joomla native SEO is very good and we also follow SEO guidelines while creating design and inserting content. Actually it is quite simple, if everything is done correctly then the homepage will show good results in search engines.

In conclusion the initial creation of the SEO is not a separate process for the professional web page developers, it's a part of their everyday work.

SEO and Internet Marketing
Following all SEO rules will give good results if the market is small and there are not many competitors. But if your business must be visible all over the world or the business sector has a lot of competing companies, extra work with SEO must be done.

Creating a web page with perfect SEO requires a lot of testing to find the best  solution and it is done by marketing specialists. Since this is very time consuming, it is also much more expensive than just creating homepage with functioning SEO. If our client market is very tight and our client needs maximum appearance on search engines we will use our partners’ help. They are marketing professionals who are the best in their profession.